Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Indoor Wicker and Rattan is "THE STYLE" for 2019

As I browse our PINTEREST pages, HGTV, Magnolia Homes, and many more DESIGNER OUTLETS I'm noticing the huge comeback indoor Rattan and Wicker is making on the interior design community. The rustic beauty, the feel of nature, it all blends in with any home decor.

Adding some indoor Wicker and Rattan pieces is a great way to enrich any room to make it more comfortable and nature-like and even more peaceful. Don't overlook this beautiful style of furniture to give your home the natural and stylish look you and your family and friends will definitely love!

Browse our huge collection of amazing Rattan and Wicker in ever Style and Design.

~Rattan Man


Thursday, February 21, 2019

Buy your custom furniture from the Experts!


These days people always want to put price first and pray the service will follow their purchase. When it comes to high end customized Rattan and Wicker furniture where you decide on your fabric and your stains and then wait for the work to get done don't think that a big box store is going to be able to make a successful delivery to you.

NUMBER ONE going with a big online company or the BIG W's,  your going to speak to one clueless representative after another.
NOTE: With American Rattan you have the direct phone number to the EXPERT you ordered with.

NUMBER TWO buying from a BIG W online means they will ship your custom furniture using freight companies like FEDEX who will just drop a pallet in your driveway! How much damage can you expect with that kind of delivery? ALOT!
NOTE: American Rattan uses specialty delivery companies trained exclusively in proper handling of fully assembled furniture. How much damage can you expect with our shippers? SELDOM IF ANY!

NUMBER 3, so you think your getting the best price going with the big box stores or the big W's? WRONG.
NOTE: We promise to beat any price out there including the big online stores.

SUGGESTION: Don't trust your custom made furniture to an online BIG W type of store. These companies have no specialization and very little personality or follow up. At American Rattan we have the Rattan Experts you can rely on for information, follow up, and a direct line to call for any reason at all.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Video shows Americans building Rattan Furniture

Today I'm going to share a new Video that shows American workers building Classic Rattan furniture at their Kentucky furniture plant. Where else can you shop furniture, choose fabrics and stains, and have it all customized to your preferred tastes? We'll be so excited to assist you in your quest for your own personal and unique one of a kind furniture.


Friday, February 8, 2019

BBB Reviews for American Rattan

I wanted to compare our BBB reviews to other companies like ours and there is absolutely no comparison. We stand tall above others in every aspect of sales and customer service. Alot of companies wont become BBB members because they cant manipulate or delete comments they dont like. But we've always been a BBB member where the comments stay whether you like them or not.
Check out our American Rattan BBB reviews here and then take a look at our offerings at this link. Note that you can select different stains, different fabrics, and choose your mode of delivery as well. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

American Rattan is now a Designers Showcase Website

We wanted our website to be geared toward the customer that wants to fully customize their tropical rattan and wicker furniture with fabrics, stains, and shipping methods. So, we have removed the check out buttons on our website AMERICANRATTAN.COM and replaced them with a REQUEST FOR QUOTE button. Nothing else has changed and we still have our furniture experts available to take your calls.

We have made this change because of our huge selection of furniture collections, and fabric and stain options we offer. This change makes it possible for more interaction with our experts and ensures our customers have all the information they need to confidently move forward with an order and to make sure they always get the "guaranteed" lowest prices.

Our new website RATTANMAN.COM with its trademark "Rattan Man" is our new and fully modern website with all the bells and whistles and instant checkout available. Please compare the 2 websites and let me know which one you prefer by sending an email to: main-office@americanrattan.com

Thank you!


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Our New RattanMan.com website is Fully Loaded

During my Air Force years while stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan I volunteered to build the squadron website. This was back in the 90's when the internet was still an early phenomonen and the big platforms like Wordpress, Shopify, and Magento werent available to anyone at least on any major scale. So I bought a program called Dreamweaver and an off the shelf FTP program and went to work. The web page I ended up building wouldnt be acceptable in todays internet world but back then anything that you built that ended up being seen on the web was already thought of as a great achievement. My superiors thought it was just fine and my performance report was annotated as such.

When I retired from the Air Force in 2002 I started building my companies in the tropical furnishings industry Im in today and continued to use Dreamweaver to build my websites. Even today 17 years later we operate our American Rattan business at: https://www.americanrattan.com/ This website was built entirely using Dreamweaver and each page was built individually. When today's web designers look at this website they are struck by the time I have invested in building each one of these individual pages. If I could be compensated just $1 an hour for the time I have on building this site it would easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But we needed a much stronger website platform that included all of the bells and whistles of a modern website such as the ones we compete against today. So a few years ago I secured the trademark of "Rattan Man" and negotiated the purchase of the website URL: RATTANMAN.COM
It was then with the help of a team of designers we went to work on Wordpress to build the new RATTAN MAN website. After a couple of years of planning, designing, and implementation we are happy to announce that rattanman.com is complete and loaded with products!

So please enjoy visiting and browsing our 2 unique websites and with the above description of the background work completed to get both sites implemented you'll have a better understanding as to why the 2 designs are so different. Which one do you prefer?

https://www.americanrattan.com/ or

Thanks for letting "The Rattan Man" know! rattanman@rattanman.com

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Black Friday 15% Off Sale is on now for November 2018

15% is the highest discount we can offer and it only happens once or twice a year! So this is a very good time to find and purchase the rustic and tropical furniture you have always dreamed of. Enjoy shopping and I really hope your holiday season is wonderful and blessed. "The Rattan Man"

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Our Biggest Sale Ever!

We are offering our SPICE ISLAND WICKER furniture lines at discounts of 20% and more! This is a very popular manufacturer of Rattan and Wicker furniture. Blending rustic Rattan furniture in with your current furniture is a great way to add warmth and beautify any room of your home. Visit this amazing furniture here - https://www.americanrattan.com/spiceislandwicker.html After visiting be sure to call and discuss fabrics and other details with our consultants at 1-888-265-4695

The American Rattan Journey

The American Rattan Journey

Master Seargent (MSgt) Mark Mosher, a 21 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force had just started his retirement leave on September 1, 2001 and was in the process of starting his new imported furniture business. He didnt know it at the time but all of that planning was about to come to an abrupt halt when after just 11 days into his leave America was attacked by terrorists on that tragic day on 9-11-01. Immediately the Air Force cancelled MSgt Mosher’s retirement and he was ordered back to his base and back to active duty. Fortunately there were no further attacks on our homeland and 6 months later MSgt Mosher was honorably allowed to begin his retirement for a second time and this time it was permanent. Now he could focus on his new import furniture businesss in earnest and thats exactly what he’s been doing for the last 17 years! The company Mark originally built was named “Pacific Imports” and included retail sales of imported Rattan and Wicker furniture as well as Antiques and Rosewood furniture from China as well. Then in 2008 Mark re-organized the company as American Rattan and Wicker and the focus has been on the retail sales of indoor and outdoor Rattan and Wicker furniture ever since. Mark has maintained a simple and straightforward customer service philosophy all of these years - “provide the best possible products, at the lowest possible prices, and with the best customer service”. And working with his team of hardworking, highly trained and knowledgeable consultants he has delivered on that promise. Mark chose Rattan and Wicker furniture as a business because he loves the rustic and tropical look Rattan furniture creates in any room of any home, and he does all of the web design as well. This furniture can be mixed with your current furniture and brings so much warmth and beauty to any setting. In fact Mark loves this furniture so much that he added his new trademark “The Rattan Man” to his business in 2016. You will see “The Rattan Man” when you visit this amazing store online at https://www.americanrattan.com/ After visiting and finding collections and styles you like its a great idea to call us at 1-888-265-4695 to discuss fabrics, availability, and other details with our knowledgeable team of Rattan consultants.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Rattan Furniture Made in America

As shared from American Rattan by Mark Mosher "Rattan Man"®

Rattan and Wicker furniture is an original American craftsman tradition dating from early in the 19th century. In the 1840's Cyrus Wakefield started the first Rattan furniture company in South Reading, Massachusetts.
 Watch American craftsmen build Classic Rattan furniture here in the U.S.A at the Kentucky factory.

Wicker Furniture - An American Legacy

Shared from American Rattan by Mark Mosher  "Rattan Man"®

Wicker and Rattan furniture as a commercial industry was created in America and not in Asia as many assume. The American production of wicker furniture began in the 1840's. This occured after the Chinese opened a number of treaty ports to foreign trade. Clipper ships would leave China bound for America with a variety of goods. Raw cane rattan was used as dunnage to secure the cargo and prevent shifting. This raw cane would then be discarded and left at the docks on America's east coast. One day in 1844, a 33-year-old grocer by the name of Cyrus Wakefield, collected an armful of the discarded rattan that had been abandoned at Constitution Wharf in Boston. Wakefield took notice on how flexible the cane was and an idea struck him. Could the cane be wrapped to produce furniture? Wakefield was not a furniture maker by trade but he still bent the rattan to produce a chair. He saw the infinitie potential of the material and quit his grocer job to pursue the rattan and cane idea full time. Here is a photo of the Wakefield Rattan Factory in 1865.

To start his business Wakefield traded the raw rattan to basket makers and furniture manufacturers. The manufacturers used just the outer cane to weave chair seats and backs. In 1855, Wakefield and his wife left Boston and moved to South Reading, Massachusetts. There he established the Wakefield Rattan Company. He continued to sell the imported rattan throughout the United States and he continued to experiment with wicker furniture. Bending oak or hickory into flowing shapes, the frames were filled with ornate rattan patterns and wrapped with split cane.

Indoor Wicker and Rattan is "THE STYLE" for 2019

As I browse our PINTEREST pages, HGTV, Magnolia Homes, and many more DESIGNER OUTLETS I'm noticing the huge comeback indoor Rattan and ...